Eyes follow but trees shield

The eyes follow me
Hackles raised
Sense heightened
Lip quivering
The darkness settles down,
A leaf falling from a branch
Touching down
I give up
I give you my pride, my whole self
I hand you my heart 
Slippery on a silver platter
All they do is stare
All I do is weep, bright droplets of stars fall from
My cheeks
The beauty of it all makes this a bittersweet moment
Smiling through the waterfall
Take a seat 
Why should we move when there is no where to go
Moss and vines crawl up my legs
A cool sensation
One of peace and stableness
Holding me to the earth
The eyes get bored
Wandering my body, finding new flaws
Unexplored areas of me
They sink themselves in my skin
Wherever they can find purchase
But the eyes already have it all
I am a shell
The sunshine on my face feeds the plants
Again they move over me
To my throat
Closing around me in a tight embrace
Flowers cover my eyes, soft petals caress my eyelashes
Leaves fill my hands, they curl around to hold me
Thorns puncture my heart, reaching into my soul
The release is wonderful
A fresh new view 
Sprawling fields, rushing water, lazy forests
They are in my ears my nose my mouth
They are me
I am them

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