Eyes of Fear

As you look into the eyes of fear,

You can’t stand to see one cry,

The future may not look so clear,

Like the clouds that float in the sky.


Those who leave will be in pain,

And those who don’t will stay and learn,

Those before have left a stain,

Their upset minds just flip and turn.


The beautiful eyes stay and haunt me

Day and night with the moon and sun,                               

I become so sad I run and flee,

My heart feels like I am almost done.


I cry out for help through my tears,

It feels as though no one answered,

Though I run through a crowd of peers,

Still yet, my sadness is not dampened.


My pain and sorrow grows big and


As though it was the day you left me.

It seems as though I can't sing a song,

I do not feel completely free.


Now I do not understand how to feel,

This tough time is breaking my heart.

I want to be as solid as steel,

But still my heart is falling apart.


Time still continues its route on,                          

I have to say I'll miss you!

Whenever we see a beautiful dawn,  

You will look back as I do.


Now don't forget any memories,

The ones we shared together,

Then my heart will be at ease,

It will be as light as a feather.


So whenever you are on your way,

Look back once and a while,

Because every night and every day,

I will think of you and your beautiful



Peace has now restored my soul,

Now I know He is with me,

We have not reached our goal,

Now we just have to wait and see.


As we look into the eyes of fear,

You can't stand to see one cry,

The future still is not clear,

At least clouds still float in the sky.





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