Eyes' Ecstasy


I have seen the blend of the sky

Witnessing the cotton,

 the lilac, intertwine


I have seen the crease of cheeks

  The smile of a newborn

So gentle, so sweet


I have seen the hug of years

  Combined in one embrace

To make up for all the lost tears


I have seen the pride in one's eyes,

   As their own child,

Rose above, to defeat the odds



I have seen the first glistening drops

   Of spring's dew, glittering

Giving hope, that spring has finally sprung


I have seen the push and pull,

   The rhythm of the ocean

So, calm, serene, to lull one to sleep


I have seen those infinite nights

   Where the black clad night

 Seems to be filled with twinkling lights



And of course my favorite sight of all

   Has to be the movement, the motion

The steps, the way,

 as one does the last thing to finish their day


Watching as the lids close,

 to replay the collection of sights,

To feel the satisfaction of having

Seeing so much in only one day 


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