In eyes and skies

The stars, remind me of you. Remind me of that smile that shines on my nocturnal pain. This broken masked freak I remained. This cruel world tore into my vessel preying on weakness but the thick red truth that leaked through the the floor boards, the very foundation of the house I built to keep out all who looked to sell away their innocence for sin to send darkness back to me as he pounded at my door. As death did the same, touching me with his ice cold hands and to tempt me with his crooked smile, to walk the dark path to heaven or hell. I looked to the sky as days pass, its not ever the same as it was yesterday, but you make it shine color in my eyes of dull black and white. The brightened rays of hope healed my decaying vessel. The heart I had was finally whole, finally beating. That the wounds those eyes would heal the autrosity behind mine. The plastred face I once was, colored with love my soul has yearned for. Love found in the eyes of which I'm revived, the skies that led me to you when my soul whispered 10,000 words when you spoke 3, Iloveyou but the spaces weren't there because there is no room to love anyone else. It seemed to vibrate my very being when the sky had no limit to even begin to describe but i spoke 4, iloveyoutoo.



This is basically me pouring out how my life was complete and utter shit up to the point where I finally was released from the bullshit.

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