EYE Write

Sat, 11/23/2019 - 18:08 -- RonnieL

EYE write when God moves me.

Consumes heart that soothe hand to

pick up pen and begin to formulate

words fed by emotion.

Crystal visions in motion EYE disect

pictures in mind captured in

panoramic view.

Lines turn into one...two...three...four

My door heartfelt. Open to welcome

vulnerabilities leaked on pages,

understanding evolving stages in life

helps thee to elevate.

I'm straight

Fellow poets can relate, for words

provoke heart that beats, brain stimulation

repeat beauty of scribes, prose, wordplay

that flows on and on.

Open EYE fond of nature's twinkling

leaves, deep tranquil seas, knowledge

of degrees mind filled with info.

My flow...different

Need of me to be spiritually free fory

EYE sway in the now. Current presence is essence

of words generated long standing.

Let EYE count the ways of better days

internal heart pained, search for bliss

EYE miss sweet kiss vanished...unsettling.

My art embellishing feelings that light

paths of journey expressed through

pen strokes of own doing.

Existence forever moving transitioning

like rising tides, love that binds, third

EYE not blind, but open to receive the

God in me.

This write...a poetic soliloquy to self

that's felt deep in heart, sparked by

God's touch moving inner spirit constantly.

My fantasies...honestly creating art 

that connect with open heart,expression

that part ways of understanding me.

This write candidly describe passion of

art form that brings me life.


EYE write.




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