The Eye Of The Dragonflies

Swing on high like a sad lullaby,
Who will ever succeed in darken dreams,
lies are playing around in the open minds,
while hate leads the way into darken days,
upon the bladed grass
are the blood of one’s flesh,

The smell of autumn fresh air,
While the breeze blow, the autumn leaves
all over the place into darken dreams,
I would hear Dark Angel call out to his slaves,

Come up close to me where all can see,
Open your eyes and unstop your ears and hear,
Her my voice your empty souls,
Let all nations and national groups weep
What it is I have then to sow,

Dark Angel, starts pointing his finger
at all who are standing around,
Saying, pay attention to all my words
even if it hurts, you lost souls, listen
to what it is being told,

The cries are howling all over the land,
bloodshed tears fall on the bladed grass,
the wind blow a darken storm in, while 
The Black Sea holds rage,

You devoted slaves, in time you will only 
be a waste, that the owls and the ravens 
will eat up along the way, in the slaughter
house you will go, 
On autumn, colored leaves that falls,
Moonlight will had named them all,
through the rosy blooms,
Moonlight walks around the crystal waters
where streams will sing,

That’s when Dark Angel looked at me,
with his eyes looking at me with a smile, 
this I have seen many times when he is 
ready to start playing on my mind, 

Oh, grey skies scatter around clouds of storms
Where thoughts do nest in wonder,
far into Dark Angels eyes pressed against mine,

I see many different things, like fields of silver edge
where slaves are out working hard,
or losing their heads,
Where cows and all kinds of animals are out
eating away on parsley, in a cool silent place,

Deep sun searching through the eyes of the dragonflies,
I had to ask myself where is this place I am seeing,
am I dreaming? Or is it real?
Wings of doves are flying on high 
While the ravens are playing around in the trees,
What does all this mean.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


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