Extraordinary battle


Living in the world of visual perception,

Despite of deprivation being happy

My eyes had danced  rhyme of a tango

In line with the birds against the wind.


Deep, as if to the bottom of my feet

That kiss incandascent asphalt with each step,

Being only four feet they wouldn't believe me

That words can hurt, and maybe  can kil.


Tiny and inoncent, a flesh of a human kind

Was born were others had died,

A gift from above had whispered to an ear:

"You have to find a pair of eyes, otherwise in no way to be alive".


A dance had continued,

Me, being the black of a swan

Wings had flahed in front of the wild

And ears had heard the noise of applause.


Today. It wasn't a day to refuse my mistakes

Or live my life from bucket of excuses

Today was revenge against the most powerful dreams,

Exception is made, and today for sure I wasn't sleeping.





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