The Expression of My Soul


Emotions overwhelm my soul as I experience life.

Over time I store my emotions in a jar,

And ever so slowly, I feel the glass starting to crack,

Suddenly, the bottle shatters, forcefully pushing my emotions into the open.


I see my feelings being revealed and causing me great strife,

As I try to tell people to stay far,

More and more people stray back,

To watch and judge me while I’m broken.


I bend down trying to sweep up my feelings to survive,

But as time goes on, I only get a bigger scar.

As I keep picking up the feelings, I start to put my emotions in a sack,

I know that they will only stay there temporarily, but now I have chosen.


Since these emotions can’t stay put, writing them on paper will keep them safe into the afterlife.

Relief clouds over me as I can finally see the stars,

Knowing I never have to put them on a rack,

Means that I will always have a safe haven.


To be able to put emotions on paper is something that is rife,

But to me it means expression without harsh judgment as dark as tar,

And a life fulfilled with wondrous adventures that through poetry I can always track,

An onward journey that is sure to be a colorful and bright explosion.


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