Mon, 12/15/2014 - 02:29 -- Alleng

My car used to be new

Little miles a long life

From the Mexican border


To picking up an order

Like a warrior it has fought

But I ought to say


I feel My car is giving up

The strong sound of the motor

Now hushed to a dying whisper


Shaking trembling then silence

It makes no sense

In the middle of the road


I hate you, ugly stupid smelly old junk

You failed me and left me,

Embarrassed but I realize


You try your best

With you I leave my nest

Everyday to school or work


accelerating, burning fuel, singing Christmas songs

Breaking and keeping me warm

over sensitive alarm


 My car is caring and loving

It carries me wherever i need it too

And does the best it can


Thank you for your service

It has been a privilege

I am proud to call you My Explorer



Fun poem about a car breking down!

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