In a time of traveling to a new country, the heart beats swiftly when thinking

of going somewhere that has never been explored. One of those fears is traveling

on a airplane. The thought of leaping on to a air riding vehicle to leave the United 

States was like a ballon being filled with helium, and when it is released it drops back


To the earth. I did not want to go because of something that could go wrong, that

my soul and spirit were worried of leaving this world all too soon. When the day

had arrived, I had got my material all ready to set overseas to the Dominican Republic.

Seeing that I have never been on a airplane before, I had no idea what to expect in that


time, but I did one thing that conquered fear: prayed. Prayer is the most powerful

weapon to conquer anything, and allowed me to be assured I made it on and had

a successful lift off. Now some people may look at prayer at something not useful

or just plain dumb, but when one considers the dangers that could potentially take


place inside of an airplane (malfunctions, engine failure and such) what other way

to conquer fear than praying to God? With my fear conquered, I was able to relax, 

not hesitate but deeply relax. I felt as if I was like in the heat, slowly cooled off by

the freezing of calmness and tranquility.


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