Exploiting My Inner Self

I am different from others. Aiming higher than what is required. I am ambitious and kind. Working hard and respecting others. I wonder if am ready to live on my own. Am I ready to go out into the world and make a difference? I hear people calling my name. Telling me to make my own path. I see what my life could be. Seeing how every choice I make has an impact on my future. I want what I cannot have. seeing the things that I can't have makes me want to work harder. I am ambitious and kind. Determined in everything I do, while reputing others.

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strong stuff...yu have a future with your poetry, but as i was reading it, i couldnt imagine your world yu know? i dont know how yu feel, what is happening and therefore in that way i cant seem to know the theme to yo poetry...otherwise i think yu have greeaaat language skills and this is yo strength.....

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