Experiencing racism with White parents

How could you think racism doesn't apply to me?

who told you that my Caucasian parents are my omission

from the 

jokes about my feature

stereotypical accusations


"what are you- no, I mean what TYPE of Asian," questions 


Who placed the sign on my back

that reads, 

'Pure white bread- just been toasted too much'

because without it having to be read or told

how else could you assume I would be treated identically to how my parents would be

when I resemble neither of them


the workers at the beauty store doesn't need to hear the foreign words spill from my mouth 

to confirm what I am- what I look like

so they may watch my hands 

and count the times they enter and exit my pockets

until I am stopped at the door


I don't have the heart to tell the guy who sits to my right 

that his assumptions about me are wrong 

that he should find another paper to copy

because I too have no clue how to solve this equation


Let it be transparent that the shortage in values and Asian cultures

is not noticable in me during first impressions

so when I struggle to fit it because I am unfamliar with that Asian dish

and I rather not pay money to spray tan my tan skin

I know racism will not forget me. 



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