experiencing phases of missing half an eyebrow



skin. flesh. shells of beings
who never think they have lived up to their full potential.

when i was twelve years old,
my dad threw me across the living room

with his open palm because i told him that
even he couldn’t be perfect.

that sometimes he caused my mom more pain than relief,
and that at times she wishes she

was dead. he swore he’d never meant to hurt her
in any way like that, but despite what
he meant or what he thought was true, she was already
dead. a walking corpse who’d seen too many things

go wrong at the fault of her own self
that she was just a ghost.

sometimes when we hurt people in
irreversable ways, we see it as completely

our own fault. we can’t see past the fact
that may be things happen for a reason.

maybe people are meant to stay
or to leave our lives

because hat’s the way this so called
"god" has planned it out for us.

or maybe, life is created out of circumstances that
aren’t planned out, but just happen

with absolutely no one having
any control over it. 

I don’t know much about facial hair,
but i’ve heard that when people

experience unforgettable trauma,
they lose half of an eyebrow.

as girls grow older and they learn
more and more things

that seem to let them down,
their facial hair can sometimes

disappear completely. right now,
the girl who’s been hurt by more

men than she has fingers, is growing
little stubble on her brow bones.

she met you, and somehow,
you’ve learned to not just break things,

but put others back together in the most
magnificent way.

people can think what they think —
hold grudges or forgive for total loss —

but from past experience, letting go
and moving on is the only true medicine,

and despite what you may think, accidents
are just accidents.




Heart Touching.....


Excellent Express.

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