I stare at my paper

Glaring at my score as if it will get better

Wishing that the pain iv'e been through would hopefully shed light onto this

that this can make it feel worthwhile

so i won't feel ridiculed

or ashamed

Then i hear that song

over and over it says

"Don't worry~ about a thing. Cuz' every little thing gonna be alright...." (Everything gonna be alright by.Bob Marley)

I hear the warm voices of my friends and family

and mute those scratchy voices in my head that tell me - you've failed

I realize that even when i walk the streets

no one will care what this paper has to say of my score

I can still breath

I can  still laugh

I can still sing my pains away

and see the lights of tomorrow

Everything will  be okay

I am alive

and that's pretty awesome

I glance back at my paper

and smile

This poem is about: 
Our world


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