The Expectation of an Expectation

Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail

That is what athletes probably have been told ever since they stepped foot in their sport

What happens when it becomes more than a sport? Then all of a sudden you come up short?

What happens when your supposed to be a leader, the one, the star?

And even though you may have the most talent, best work ethic, you just don’t measure up to par.

Maybe it's a coach, another player, or even a father but whatever it may be your just good enough

And because you not good enough your life, no matter how good, just becomes rough

You see I know what it's like to be at the bottom of deep dark place

A place where your best friend is pain because at least then you're able to feel like your worth something, or feel anything at all

It's a disgrace that all this time you've been in the race and setting the pace only to find out it wasn’t even worth the chase

Instead your tossed aside like a rag doll, with no one to call, you want to walk away but all you can do is crawl, you're just too small.

Life has a way of knocking you down and you become noun not a verb because you no longer have action but become just a word to describe something run-down.

You don't laugh, you don’t smile, you develop a lifestyle that mirrors a compost pile

All that just to get someone's attention or approval

And somehow we found a word to describe this stupid process and it's called an EXPECTATION

The words translation can be in relation to a saying like the foundation to agitation cause it creates frustration in pleasing someone almost like a fixation.Maybe your not failing to prepare but maybe someone's expectations are to high

Their setting you up to fail so that in the end you end up looking like the bad guy

I get why expectations are so vital to our society but am I the only one that see's the bad

It drives people crazy, separates families, just makes people mad

Why do things have to be so hard I mean I thought trying your best was good enough?

Nope trying your best was good but now it turns out to be just a bluff

Life isn’t easy but then again why should we expect it to be?

Watch the failures of you and me and you can agree that you feel like an amputee because part of you is missing and you can agree

That death has got to be easy because life is hard

Thought I would be untouchable but I'm left scarred

I'm not above, I'm not beyond, I'm not the one who going to carry on

I'm sinking below, I'm nose diving, no matter how much I bite, fight or look for the light ,I only have one destination.

And that's below the expectation


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