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I'm not afraid to die,

But I sure as Hell am

Afraid to stop living, to cease to contribute 

And comprehend and communicate.


If all good things must come to an end,

then can I at least be allowed to endure

The bad and in-between things?

Those are just as good.


I couldn't care less what happens

To my physical remains,

So long as my spirit and heart are

Carried on by my loved ones.


If there are always going to be

Missed goodbyes, can I have some 

New hellos, instead?

They're more exciting, anyways.


I'm not overly concerned with possibilities

Of the the Devil and Damnation,

Satan and God would be equally

Lucky to be graced with my presence.


If disbelief is truly a grave sin,

Then will my soul be weighed down 

by that solitary offense?

It was well-meaning, in truth.


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