Existential Crisis Resolved

What can't I live without?

Some may say a tiny little screen that acts as a suitcase for our lives

Others may say their favorite dish from that hole in the wall Japanese restaurant that creates a tiny food embryo, continually growing after each visit

My answer is a little different

What can't I live without?

The glowing grins that illuminate the smallest crevices in the largest rooms given by the angels of the world more commonly known as children

The way I feel every time the old woman down the street calls me “sweetheart” emulating the words of my grandmother

The flushed feeling my heart receives when someone asks me how I am doing

What can’t I live without?

The aching pit in my stomach that grows to the size of a black hole when I see the new kid sitting alone

The constant confusion of why some people will choose to be the villain of their own story

The following clarity that sometimes hurt people hurt people

What can’t I live without?

The capacity of the human brain to execute its very thought patterns into art translated onto ancient train carts traveling cross-country

The endless diversity that fills every ounce of this vast world

The simple sounds that tickle our brain in the form of a little thing we call music

What can’t I live without?

All of these things have one common denominator, people and the impact one person can make

There are over 8 billion people in this world, and you are one of them

So really the answer is quite simple, I can’t live without you


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My community
Our world
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