I look around.

I look up and down.

Everything I see

Is filled with complexity.

It is in both you and me.


Around me

I see a sea of majesty.

So calm it is.

The reflections in the waves

expose my personality.


Looking up,

I see a blue plane

expaning in all directions.

To me it represents infinity.

You and I both perceive this as the same thing.


Looking down,

I see a coconut.

Its entire life as interesting

As any one of us,

Drifting endlessly in this here sea.


Do you not understand?

Do you not see?

I am the sea of majesty,

The seemingly infinite plane that is the sky,

The interesting life of the coconut.


Just like you, I am everything.

It is the existential web of life. 

It is both you and me.



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