At 4 am, I hear birds chirping. There are many reasons why they could be chirping.

But I like to think they're chirping for the sake of chirping. I like to think that they just

want to sing in the silence. That nothing brings these birds more comfort than being the

orchestra of nature. They sing for no reason and that's all it is. 


Does everything need to have a purpose for it to exist? No. 

Not at all.


It's existence is all the world asks for and that's the beautiful part of being a human, that we 

just exist and nature embraces our existence. From the second we are born, the air in our

lungs was gifted by the trees. That nature loved us from the second we gasped for air.

And all we ever wanted since the day we're born, is to be cuddled, and hugged, and loved.


The truth is, existence is beautiful. And the beauty within this planet lives within us

and every living being. How beautiful it is to be an extension of the universe - to exist

just to be loved and blessed by this one small precious planet.


That is all the world asks for. 

To exist.

To receive love.

And to give love. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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