Excuses, Excuses

"I'm just tired..."

Excuse one for the silence that ensues.

She listens as he tells her he refuses to hurt her

...even though she aches as the words leave his lips.

Triple chocolate chocolate chip frosting is all she wants.


"I didn't sleep well..."

Excuse two for the agitated responses.

Her best friend has distanced herself

...but expects her to just sit by and wait to be wanted again.

Triple chocolate chocolate chip frosting gags her.


"It was a rough night..."

Excuse three for the silent tears that stream down her face.

Her father tells her she's a spoiled, stupid bitch

...but acts like he's a genius that's greater than God.

Food loses its appeal entirely.


"I don't need a mirror to see myself..."

Excuse four for her avoidance of reflective surfaces.

Her mirror has become her worst enemy

...reflecting her flaws and screaming her issues.

She no longer has an appetite.


"I'm fine"

Excuse five... and six for all the things she does in a day.

She's breaking, crying, and dying

...but its been repeated so many times her friends have begun to believe it.

Food now makes her want to throw up.


"Excuses, Excuses"

seven, eight, nine, ten for all the things she needs to deny

her mask of a smile makes everyone believe them all

...no one realizing how unhappy she is

she eats...but only because she doesn't want them to worry.

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