Exchange of Power

My daughter comes to me when there is anything she needs.

Food to eat

Water to drink

Clothes, toys, diaper changes and everything in between.

It seems as though she is virtually helpless in this world if it wasn't for me. 

You see, I am the sun

and Rylie is a flower; with out me, she cannot grow.


But this metaphor isn't entirely correct:

It implies that I, the sun,

without my daughter, the flower,

am perfectly fulfilled. 

That the depency in the relationship is unilateral;

the flower is nothing without the sun.


Nothing could be more wrong.

You see, Rylie is a special kind of flower

Her radiance and grace are not by virtue of the sun.

The strength she gathers so effortlessly,

Her surprising patience, uncharacteristic for a child her age,

The ability she has always haf to sense another's discomfort,

and distract them from all of their pain, with

Her laugh is annoyingly contagious and no matter how hard you fight it

you can't be upset.

The undeniable confidence she exudes in a crowd full of strangers.

How would I teach such qualities when I don't possess them myself?

She is every thing I am not;

She is the light of my life, and the world revolves around her.


She is a flower

She is delicate, gentle, comforting, and admirable.

Without her heartwarming smile

And kind soul

I would not be what I am.

I am her sun, I give her food, love and shelter;

but there are other stars in the universe.

Rylie can get these things from another,

but I..


I am nothing with out her.

That flower is the center of my universe

and my world revolves around it.

I am virtually helpless with out her.

You see, I am the sun

that gets its energy 

from a tiny



This poem is about: 
My family


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