Ghandi said an eye for an eye will make the world blind well lately I've been wondering if a soul for a soul would hold the same value

Because lately I'm heavily considering it at 15  I feel like ii be cried what looks like the tears of a galaxy which has given birth o a universe of anguish 

And I'm tired  I swear to you I would give it back that would b the best part so why wouldn't I  emotional existence would be returned but only after 

I knew my perpetrator fully understood what it meant to be empty to be desolate as a dead man's pupils to comprehend how it feels to be seen right through

Attempted but never resolved  your mental situation never fully resolute but eyes of the curious will scoure through you  and lies you percieve about your welfare 

Hoping that if whisper them into the deepest crevices of every dream and night mare hoping praying they'll come true and finnaly he realization would hit you 

They'll never come true then I'd give the gift of your existence back  

Your everything has one its best to runn through me so I know your tired wired by my quickening heart beat entertained by flushed cheecks the weakness of my knees 

But youd raher see me on them  itr really hurts that I can't call them cat calls anymore because you act like you've already got my number 1-800 she'll stop fighting eventually

1-800 just hold on a little bit longer  ifd your wondering yes you've proven your strongerr

The weight of your weighs unduiably heavy on me a tooth for a tooth would make it impossible to break own everyday calamity into portions your conscious can handle quoted by yours truly so I know you understand me 

Im wondering who knocked your teeth out and told you it is okay to to treat me my body my blessing like this too mutilate them act like you were born with your umbilical cord wrapped around your neck 

I'm trying to understand the inner workings  of your brain  your heart your conscious and maybe just maybe morals but only so much could be used an exchange for you common sense 

Your humanity 

For natural affection

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My family
My community
My country
Our world


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