An Evolving Demise

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 14:00 -- Brenna7

This past year of late,
I changed, as one would say-
But untraceable to the outside world,
Only I know the change.

It’s been a journey of individuation,
From a heart hurting demise-
The sadness that I so foretold,
Had opened up my eyes.

Of days of tears,
And weeks of longing,
And the shadows that grew around me,
My love for life was lesser then,
Until I became free…

I learned a life of unexpected ways,
And that knowledge was truly power-
But nothing changed that my soul of late
Was blooming like a flower.

Curiously, I’d begun the process
Of understanding self-
And the wonder of the world around,
It had filled me with great wealth.

As my soul egressed with life,
And life bowed down to me-
I realized then the power within,
And I swore myself, fealty.

From everything this year experienced,
A single thought remains-
Grace and kindness is the road to life,
And nothing should be feigned.

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