Evolution: Seeing the change


I once knew him.

A boy with bright eyes and despair

that seeped through his bones over

his overpriced buttoned down shirt sleeves

yet it wasnt visable to those around him

but I knew him.

and his secrets 

his pain his devotion his desire to achieve what him himself didnt 

know he was capable.

for perfection is never tangible, just a mystery molded and crafted by the mind in order to 

lead to dissapoint.

Always reaching but you taunt yourself.

He never taught you satisfaction. He never taught you to love.

He only aided your big heart to be behind those four steel walls you call home.

It's too much to recall 

How come we recall the pain so vividly,

a living nightmare yet the bliss fades with your pink cheeks the winter wind kisses goodbye.


I'm in the crowd, but you I once knew, 

Maybe this is goodbye.


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