The Evolution of Knowledge


Evolution of knowledge

We started as cavemen, but soon evolved,

To change the world and all we saw.

We taught one another what we knew,

and collectively all started anew.

Our world became brighter and sweeter with years,

and started explaining all of our fears.


With this new knowledge we became hungry for more,

Chasing our dreams and breaking through each door.

Now we go to a special places called schools,

Where we are taught and given fancy new tools.

We use them to discover and grow,

to excite and delight in what we come to know.


The children of today know more and more,

They learn faster and better than ever before.

Each child we teach has potential so great,

But success is not always their fate.

But with teacher's enthusiasm and grace,

They can look the world right in the face,

And stand up to it with its struggles and tears,

To be strong, valiant fighters for years.

-Jamie Stevens


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