The evil world

Life would beat to the shackles of sacks
And shells of melancholy
Tears that smear cheeks unending torment,
A tears alone,a shower of cascade
In the fragrance of agony
And warmth of sorrow.

Vanishing faces of earth
Mystery falling over clouds
Drenched, darkening lightening

Boars in velevty smooth cottons
Veils of truth crawling in darkness
A thousand horn for a thousand tongue
Songs and horrific gongs
Beating the remains of emptiness

Happy souls are traded
In dim's eye and blindness
Evils in shade of lightening
And spilled grease that can't be withdrawn from water

Evil is the face of earth
Earth is the face of evil
Both earth and evil are traded
Even the purest truth won't cleanse filth
Nor the whitest lie prove innocence
Alone man is,to evil be him
Alone they shall depart to the shallow spring
While earth is in the face of gritting embers

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My country
Our world


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