Evil Smiles

I see

Snow stick to the hard, brittle grass

Twinkling lights reflect off car windows

Little boys and girls playing with their toys

Cookies stacked on a table set for many people

Christmas pictures taken inside beautiful, rich homes

A happy couple embracing in a sweet, long, warm hug

Beautiful people caroling around the park to spread the joy

Friends telling me they love me while waiting for a response back

Present wrapped under the tall, green, pine smelling Christmas Tree

White teeth shining bright while everyone is smiling around me in the cold air

Myself smiling in the mirror, dressed in my sparkling winter dress to impress them

I feel

Coldness creep up my back

The darkness surround my thoughts

A longing to have my innocence back

My stomach growl as it begs me to devour

Saddened by destroyed families that were great

Forgotten by you when you left me to wither in the cold

All alone even surrounded by this crowd of loving, caring people

Unwanted and unloved when friends tell me absurd lies during the holidays

Emptiness brews inside of me after knowing i’ll receive despair and sadness

Upset with myself that I cannot smile like the warm and jolly neighboring people

Dead when I pretend that everything is alright when really I just want to disappear.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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