Evil is a Livewire IV drip

One theory I have is that everyone is evil,

Not one will admit it,

But thorns serve as crowns during our crucifixion for creating oppression,

Yes, humans are the cause of their own pain

People say I’m insane,

But I am simply more sane than most.

And difference is insanity.


I am evil,

I am pain I am sorrow,

I never know if I will see tomorrow,

Most things are my undoing.

I am stuck perpetually pursuing you.


Perusing your life,

Your thoughts and actions,

Your evil is beauty and misunderstood as wrong,

We are all evil.

We are all human.


You wrong motherfucker,

You are evil.

These lies are told as hero stories,

Tales of persuading one another to live after dying,

To consider death and freedom from your self inflicted pain.

Self inflicted as if you are yourself and not me.

And not I.


Not I will be the one to say that I too am Spartacus,

Not I will be the one to sacrifice myself for you,

Because if I die you die and then millions are left dead.

They are not afraid to kill all if we admit what they see as flawed,

Left as printer ink smeared on a jammed printer paper stuck in the press,

They will press you for explanation to an answer that doesn't exist.


Their answers are your answers

Your evil,

Your consent to be murdered and have humanity spill from the bullet wound,

I am evil and I will murder you.

I will murder the you that they created

Manipulated is an understatement

I will be burned at the stake for releasing you from your prison that they so tried to keep you in.

To them I am evil,

To you I am evil,

To me I am evil.


I will do everything I can to save you,

You precious evil soul,

Because I have am no pharaoh,

Yet I refuse to forget you.

Everyone is human and one,

We use shattered pieces of one's mindset to create civil wars,

We are many shards of glass being cracked again and again until we for a mosaic,

An art piece of their creation spelling out their darkest nightmares.


We are real.

We are evil.


We take derogatory terms like candy,

An dictionary term that isn’t false but will never be true,

Pronounciate your words,

Shout loudly your evils and I will too,

We can take over the world as heroes to some and Gods to none,

We were born wrong,

Or possibly more right than most,

Because being raw is insanity.

Because humanity is insanity.


Rights are rite if you were born correctly,

Says the one with equality stamped on his forehead,

Rights are right if we deem them so,

Say his followers.

Says the ones preaching freedom and the Bible in the same breath.


I am obsessed,

Obsessed with the idea the theory that humanity is evil,

And beautiful,

No, we are beautiful because of our evil,

What is evil to some could be beauty to another,

We need to see humanity as individuals,

That cumulative term as singles.

Because clearly as a whole we will all be evil.



The way I live doesn’t affect you,

I am not the reason this society is corrupt,

To be well adjusted to such a society is no way to experience mental health.

Where who you are can be measured in wealth,

When you’re so goddamn selfish for coloring outside of the lines in purple instead of pink or blue,

When you're considered evil if you do not bother following guidelines that have been set for you,

Brethren who are called monsters.

Who are called outcasts.

Who are called beautiful words twisted into good meaning, poor use, and worse execution,

We are called evil,

We call them evil,

And so on and so fourth until you realize that my theory is wrong.

It is not everyone that is evil,


It is our heartbeats,

And moments,

And tolerance,

And lack thereof of all of the above.

The evil is not the people.

The evil is the fear caused by them.

The  evil is the fear that possesses them.

That possesses those beautiful words.

We are not evil lovely.

We are evil spelled backwards.

L. I. V. E.

That's all you have to do,



This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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