Evil Consuming Me WIthin

My arms dripping with blood from my wrist.

Head held down so the horror can’t be seen.

All around, fire pit with every inch of coal to keep it burning.

Screaming for help and no one hears a word come out.

Someone hear me!

Although the words that are trying to be spoken,

They’re shot by a pistol with no chance of survival.

It is hopeless to try to break free. .

I know that I will never be saved.


I close my eyes

The light appears so bright

Glistening white and gold surround me

An angel appears right before my eyes

“Follow me my child, and you will find your way,”

Laughter fills the air, “I cannot be saved”,

Once more, nightmare is reality.


Angels’ troops keep smashing the walls,

Trying to save me from the evil within.

Walls keep on building and rebuilding when they are sliced in half.

There is no use trying to fight.

My Eyes are open once again to the cave beneath the earth.

Trying to save myself,

The Overlord circles the point of my imprisonment.

“You are no match for me my child”

“We have you under our control”

Chains begin to be rattled;

I  try to force myself out.

Tugging and pulling, trying to save myself

The Shackles keep cutting deeper and deeper within me

With every chance I take trying to break free.


Wrist covered deep red,

Feet and ankles burning

(Stomp, Stomp, Stomp, Stomp)

Having to follow the average troll in the world,

Caged up like a vicious animal

Palms and calves covered in blood

Forcing myself to set myself free

The longer I fight...

The weaker and weaker I get

Just set me free!


My hopes are now all gone, I’m under their control
Every ounce of my soul and personality is removed with a syringe

Eyes shut once more to end the pain.

I’m tired of facing the horror alone.

Wicked Witches, Nasty Trolls, and even the Dark Overload

Defeat the soldier who’s just trying to get through life.


All I want is to be accepted,

All I wanted is to be loved

All I wanted . . .  is to be.



Eyes shut once more

Given my last chance, I give up.

Clear, cold, wet tears fall from my eye lids.

Let this all go away.

Gold and White blinds my eyes

“Take my hand, I will help you through this hard time”

Pride is held too high,

I do not want the help,

My last ounces of pride will be diminished if I ask for help.


I Force my weakened hand upon her palm

Last of my strength is all gone.

Smile of gold is upon her face.

“Everything will be alright”

Two troops allied together

Slashing at the walls

Breaking every crevice and crack.

Slish Slash Slish Slash.

Wall by wall are coming down.


Walls are being broken down

My pride begins to come back

Strength begins to be revived

And my soul and personality flowed back into my body

I am becoming me once again.


Underworld grabbed me, gripping my skin

I force my arm away, forcing my freedom to stay.

“I will not be who you want me to be

Not be what you forced me to be

I will be me,

Your words will no longer phase me

I will no longer be the victim of your abuse”.


The Wicked Witches, Nasty Trolls, and Dark overloard

Diminished before my eyes.

The sun began to shine.

Soul, began to melt.

I am Me.

I am Me, Once Again!


I am a strong, independent, stubborn, smart, and a fearless warrior.

I never let anyone stand in my way,

But, sometimes, the strongest of warriors can’t defeat evil by themselves.

Sometimes, you need help to even defeat the evils within yourself.


I may be stubborn, and hold my pride higher than my head,

 But, I would have never defeated the evil that was consuming me, alone.

That Angel opened up my eyes to see the light.

Sometimes, everyone needs help,

Even the strongest among us all.

The light blinded me, reviving my soul

Bringing my personality, beliefs, achievements, and motivation back into life

 “Be yourself, and that’s all that you need to be.

Care about the people who love you and love the people who care about you”

And that’s who I will be till the end of eternity. 

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