Eve's Story

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 13:43 -- Rolanda


Sistas Is it too late to acknowledge
 that we used to be trapped?
In a world where submission was the only life we had?
My name is Eve and Adam ISN'T my master
By the grace of Elohim I've been given a new chapter.
Millions of men were birthed by my womb..
And millions of men strategically inflicted wounds.
For example...
What a great story you have there , let's print it to the masses!
I'll just change your name to steve on the cover, it'll look more attractive.
Your place is in the kitchen who let you out?
You'll fail in the world without a mans education, just let your dreams dry up in drought. 
Yes your voice is cute , it so dainty and high
Wait you mean you want your voice to be heard .. ? 
Eve don't make me give you a black eye!
Your opinion is as irrelevant as a crying 3 year old.
You both can't be taken seriously because you let your emotions take control.
Wait what's this you're fighting for the right to vote?
And fair pay,  and an education, and the ability to own your own home?
How'd you get that Nobel Peace prize, how are you rising to prominence?
So what if I left you to raise a child, I'll have your money Monday, I promise!
Even in the modern age I'll still abuse you.
And my excuse will be , Because I have the right to.
Beautiful Eve, I will ignore your success and harass your daughters.
Virginity thief? Look at her dress! I just simply took on what she offered.
I mean she had a nice shape , I thought damn look at her a**
She "flaunted" it , I took it 
An opportunity like that couldn't be passed!
While we laid in bed, I whispered to her silently 
and told her instead,  that modesty is not beauty.
I deceived her countless times and corrupted her thinking
Told her no self esteem is what she truly needs in this world to start winnin'.
Don't think I don't  see you Eve! Stop tryin to raise your daughters spirits!
Take that Bible out their hand, I need them biblically illiterate!
Leave her in bondage to Instagram, I want to see some tit slips not graduation pics!
Life's been an exam 
that you finally got an A on,
But that dont mean its an opportunity to overcome limits!
Don't you wanna call that girl a thot instead of lifting up one another ?
Can you stop inviting each other to walk with God, it's becoming such a bother!
Oh Eve for many years you have been depraved and oppressed,
But I see you have defeated me
With girls who are educated and motivated for success. 


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