Everything You Are

Youre the stars in my sky

youre the boat on my sea

i dont need anything else as long as youre next to me

youre the wind in my hair

youre the foggy breath in the air

as long as im with you i dont have a care

youre the butter to my popcorn

the cherry on my ice cream

having you in my arms is better than a dream

youre the notes to the music

youre the words to the book

i knew i was in love after just one look

youre the petals on the flower

youre the shells in the sand

i love the tingling sensation i get holding your hand

youre the wave to the water

youre the flame to the fire

youre the only thing my heart desires

youre the voice that i miss

youre the lips i wanna kiss

youre the sun to my day

youre the moon to my night

and because of all this

through the distance we have

for our love

ill forever fight



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