Everything that shine Aint Gold

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 10:01 -- BryanKC



Bryan Carter


Filters cover up what is on the outside,

I can put a filter on any selfie and make myself look nice when in reality, I am not okay.

Everyone has their problems, sometimes just a false smile can be a filter.

It does not have to be posted on social media

I can walk around all day with a smile on my face and converse with people,

 my feelings, a complete contradiction to how I appear.

My smile is my favorite filter because its like a mask,

it can cover my frown, the pain, and all of the fallen tears.

My life with #NOFILTER is nothing quite like some may have expected.

The real me with no filter... is like a newborn baby

I feel naked, I am ignorant of my future, I am scared, and I need catering,

but I cannot speak up for myself, so I cry out for help.

Listen to how I speak, listen to what I tell you,

pay attenion to how I react and you can tell

Everything that shine aint gold.

This is the real me.







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