Everything Passes with Time Expect You


With time everything passes expect you.
Yet they tell me that you're just another pulse of life,
But they don't understand that my brain is forever frozen in time
Because I'm still where your lips met mine.
Sometimes, I think it was suppose to be a map for the future,
Every twist and turn and moan of our lips was a different direction.
Try to prepare us of what to come.
At the same time, I feel like shadows of the past hangover and they pull at all directions. 
Wanting me to stay with them.
Enjoy their memories... 
Enjoy their touch...
But I never cared the past! 
They leave behind many bruises that no one would ever see. And some are still very tender.
Yet, I want a new chapter! One that sings of tomorrow!
One that will make my heart grow three times that day...
So, let time leave us behind, maybe, time will forget us altogether!
Tell the others to come and go as a summer's night. 
Transport us to the crisp dim autumn night,
where your lips and mine
put the past behind us.
And leave with only its shadow of past glory.


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