In Everything I Do

When I cannot sleep at night and nothing feels right,

I look to you.

When you guide me on my way and protect me as I lay,

I will thank you

When I don't feel good enough and just want to give up,

You are there for me.

When I play my favorite song and decide dance along,

You are there with me.

When he passed away and I lost my dad that day,

I needed you.

When I took my first breath until the time I take my last,

I will worship you.

When I bow my head to pray you know just what I’ll say,

You’ll answer me.

When I have temptation within and commit a sin,

You’ve already forgiven me.

When I lift my hands in praise or feel like I’m lost in a maze,

I’ll let you know I need you.

When someone’s feeling blue and asks me what to do.

I’ll speak of you,

When I don’t know what to say to help someone on their way,

You’ll speak through me.

When I walk down the street or go on a retreat,

You’ll walk with me.

When I fall to my knees in prayer and life feels too hard to bear,

I’ll trust in you.

When I’m not a perfect Christian I’ll still know I have a mission,

I’ll always need you God.

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