Everything has a purpose


United States

Why do we poison cockroaches

Where is the sense in that

With their antennae and sensory to warn them

Is it hunger or an internal programming

Which catapults them to their gluttonous fate

Survivors through the ages

Undaunted until man’s invention of pesticide

Branded a public enemy on every TV

But tell me what they’ve done

That you find most appalling

Perhaps feasting off the disgust you dropped

Cleaning the dead flesh from inside your shoes

Catching a bit of warmth underneath the fridge

Snuggling up with the dust bunnies

So you bring on the gas and traps

Because they’ve pointed out that you’re a slob

But did you ever consider in all your ignorance

They were only doing their job.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I feel like this poem can be applied to alot of other things in life as well, things with purpose we forgot long before we threw them away

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