Everything Is Awesome Scholarship Poem


Waking up on a gorgeous Sunday morning

The herbal tea awaiting your presence

The sunshine hitting every single crevice

The songful chirp of the birds

The beauty of doing nothing


Raining rolling, thunder by its side

Pours and Pours and Pours

The uttermost desire to dance outside

Lightening engulfing the sky

Clouds overwhelming us all


The smell of fresh baked cookies

Tickling your nose, and tempting your mouth

The hunger growing

Finally, the satisfaction of devouring the cookie

More and more to come


Working all day

Pushing your limits

Feet on fire

Finally arriving at home

Finally sleeping in bed


Rolling down your windows

Letting the breeze flow in

The music blaring

You screaming along

The feeling of relaxation setting in


Life passing, continuing all around you

Countless experiences

Forever getting older

Forever having stories to tell

These are the things in life that make it so well.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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