Everything Is Awesome - Literally

At the age of eighteen,

I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis.

My body started to ache,

I lost interest.

I was scared.

I soon began to realize,

everything is awesome.

Walking, talking, breathing,

jumping, singing, dancing,

sneezing, even wheezing is awesome!

Each and every day,

every experience and every pain,

is awesome.

I am alive, and that,

is awesome.

I get a chance not everyone gets.

God is awesome.

My family is awesome.

My friends are awesome.

My medicines are awesome.

My doctors are awesome.

My nurses are awesome.

The receptionists are awesome.

Good test results are awesome.

Bad test results are awesome -

I am still alive. That is awesome.​

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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