Everything is awesome

Beginning in a world young and new, that is awesome. Growing up learning and understanding what you can do, that is awesome. Acknowledging the fact that this world aint perfect, that is awesome. Cause you know it has beauty and you know its worth it, that is awesome. To live in this world and take the hate they spew, that is awesome. Cause those words make you stronger and you know its not true, that is awesome. Knowing that for different reasons is why things happen, and you finally understand it and still decide to take life head on, that is awesome. Listening to your favorite song and hearing how its worded or taking your headphones out and you hear the birds chirping, that is awesome. Seeing the actions good or bad of people just like you and you get feelings of sympathy and joy that are new, that is awesome. Tasting a meal that never gets old as summer rolls or winter comes and it gets cold, that is awesome. Smelling a scent that brings memories of family to mind and you are suprised by the sudden passing of time, that is awesome. Rising up small in a big world but you know you have potential to be just as big, that is awesome. Just as big that you know that sky is not the limit but you can go past the stars and moon and be apart of the universe and everything in it, that is awesome. Being alongside friends and lovers, sisters and brothers, then growing to be a father or a mother, that is awesome. Being happy and knowing you live life for others, that is awesome. Not forgetting that you will forever grow as big as the flowers that blossum and ending with thoughts love for yourself and others, that is awesome.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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