Everything is Awesome.

Everything is awesome, wouldn't you agree?

From the hot summer nights to the cool winter breeze

Going out on Halloween night for some sweets,

Walking around in costumes and saying "trick or treat"


Gathering around the table for a Thanksgiving feast

Awaking Christmas morning to see gifts under the tree

On New Years Eve, counting down as the new year arrives

And when it does, we think of all the years that have gone by.


Getting a secret admirer or going out with your Valentine

Spending the night with the rest of your single friends is also fine

Spring is next, the snow melts and April with its showers

Then comes along, the month of May who greets us with lovely flowers


The warm smiles of parents on Mother and Father's day.

The month of June, where kids end school, more sleeping and more play.

Diving into the fresh cold water on a steamy summer afternoon.

Then August comes to wrap up the fun as we prepare for school soon.


Years and years just come and go with lots of tears and joy,

Along the way we meet the new face of a baby girl or boy.

Everything is awesome, I believe that's right.

But nothing is as awesome as the beautiful gift of life.

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Our world
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