Everyone has Seen a Family of Ducks Cross the Highway

The world is filled with an unsurmountable level of kindness 

If every action has a reaction then every bad deed will concede to something good

Let me show you


The mindless thoughts of people who believe that a single text, or tweet, or tinder swipe

Is somehow more important than Tracy’s life 

or Trevor’s life

or Tristen’s life

Is combatted when Tracy or Trevor or Tristen pull over on the side of the road

To let an ambulance pass

They take moments out of their day so the EMT doesn’t have to say 

“If we were here a moment earlier, we could have saved this child”


There are hooligans who think it is a hoot to shoot the youngest animals alive

Who find joy in not only killing Bambi’s father and mother

but also Bambi’s sister 

and brother 

just for the joy of making an animal suffer

But this is again countered when the kind puts it in their mind

that they can save even the smallest of animals

like, a duckling

Traffic gets backed up for hours 

Because one individual decided 

that these ducklings 

wondering lost on the highway that at any moment could turn into their ticket to heaven

deserve a second chance at life.

What’s more beautiful is the cars 

Who are waiting in the backed up lanes are not mad

are not saying “Dad, just go over them”

and are not honking their horns

but rather looking on with admiration as all nine ducklings move to safety

And when those ducks just don’t want to move

The man in the 2016 Lamborghini and the woman 1999 Corolla 

Who come from such different walks of life

Work together to guide traffic away from these ducklings

Until the ducks decide they want to move on their own


And finally there is the story of the semi-truck driver

Who was too tired on the road but thought he could handle the nine hour drive anyway

Who accidentally took three children’s lives that day

While merging onto the highway

But because of the determination of good to always prevail

We also hear stories of cars moving over for bikers

It is an inconvenience, a bother, a disruption in their day

But the driver is happy to oblige anyway

Because life is meant to be saved, not taken away


So as children, adults, and the elderly can see

Life may not always be as bad as it seems

There is a silver lining to the clouds

And a reason to say “thank you” aloud

This poem is about: 
Our world


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