Everyday Magic

Nothing will ever be the same as it is right now.Even now, things were different two seconds ago.Did you hear that?Someone took a breath.It might have been me.I blame you anyhow.The red warriors in your bloodstream have accepted their latest provisions and arestanding at attention, ready for the daily trials and tribulations of the workforce.You look confused.Something else has changed.The face can make over two hundred fifty different expressions.I'll bet you've made two different expressions since I said that.I know I have.The magic of a mechanism that can change form completely in a millisecond and still befully functional is the same magic you can see in anything and everything.A box of metal and plastic can connect you to anyone in the world.The grasp of hands can signify something as complex as friendship.Stray black marks on a flat slice of previously wet trees become coherent thoughts.A simple muscle contraction of the face can indicate one's current state of mind.We like to think that magic doesn't exist.We like to let ourselves down.What kind of masochistic,twisted,blind people are we?As you get up in the morning, take a look at your face and how the canvas is constantlybeing repaintedAnd repaintedAnd repainted.Look around you.Granted the world may not be filled with fairies or elves or anything.The world we live in is filled with magic.The ability to take these tiny scratches on the surface of this fragile sheet of glass andbuild towers and castles and entire worlds from themis magic.The ability to take the whole lot of nothing that floats around us at all times andbe able to create an unstoppable force capable of nearly anythingTo generate something out of absolutely nothingis magic.InhaleBreathe in that magic that is all around you and take in as much magic as you can untilyou begin to lift up off the ground.Because nothing will ever be the same as it isright now.



not sure how to get the formatting back to its original state, so im sorry about that. it's still readable, i promise.


That magic is what makes it readable... For the mind places puncuatiom where you forgot to. Its what makes those errors none existence.. Great poem!


Of course magic exists. You're so correct.

Beautiful poem. You're proving a point but also putting a feeling of light into everything.

Write like the wind.


I love your poem. I have thought about these sort of things before, but never have I seen someone else express them, especially in the style that you did. Awesome job!

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