Everybody’s Dead, Z

Everybody’s Dead, Z


This city’s random, tell me something new,

I can’t quite place it, the streets I never knew,

I miss you greatly, wished that’s what I said,

I can’t replace you, taking me to bed,

I take my clothes off, while you’re standing there,

I feel so anxious, you look at me and stare,

I feel so righteous, hoping you could see,

But while you’re sleeping, I wanted us to be,



I dream of you every night, in hopes to turn back time,

This is crazy and a show, it’s got to be in my mind,

I wish you had never gone, some answers never said,

I can’t replace you, lying in my bed,

Now the distance miles apart, you never heeded my words,

And the age coming through, turn back time is absurd,

I claimed I never cared, when I put you to sleep,

But I’d fallen way too far, for someone I couldn’t keep,



I wish the distance disappeared, you understood me and my ways,


I would always sacrifice, for you in a day,


My sisters and brothers, they play me, they hurt me, they hate me,


I will be, some day free, don’t kiss me, they hate me too.



As sinister as it seems, it was all just a dream,

I could not care for you that much, never even a last touch,

Everybody’s dead, on to the next paradise,

Solution was never said, only bargains and the lies.

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