Every single night I would pray

Every single night she would say

"What story did I just read to you".

Id recite til she said "okay".

Me? id only say "to-da-loo"


Stars migrated far from home till

I could call her believes my own.

They shifted me then just laid still.

His Chapel was built on my Stone.


Life continued and my faith was

tested as my knowledge of the

world grew, it was filled with bad pus

so I fell down and took a knee.


Now I see the shadows and have

No fear, for my God is my light.

Recite the words and walk the path

He says. and Now fearless I fight.


See the Hater and the hated

See the Oppressor only rise 

while the Minority gets jaded

by the Cruelty in our World.


I feel empty and robbed of some 

Equality and Justice that 

I felt that I deserved a crumb

of. Instead my anger grew fat.


My only serenity that

worked to ease my mind and the life

threatening urges was the fear

of Hell's gate for the afterlife


Every single night I would say 

"which Bible story just saved me"

And I would recite it when times 

tempted me to say "to-da-loo". 

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