Every Life Counts


Every great thing

has a small beginning

A great forest

from a small acorn

A field of wheat

from a handful of seeds

Without the former

we cannot have the latter.

It applies to trees

but humans--- they don't matter?


We don't want to suppress

the voice of the mother

But her unborn child?

That's just another

matter of cells she can control

like an arm or a leg?

No, I don't think so.


It's not responsible

to take an innocent life.

That's just another form of

oppression and strife

that we thing is wrong

when a leader does it.

We criticize

if someone chooses when someone else dies,

but if it's the mom

we call it "mother's intuition"?


We are against playing God

when we talk about marriage rights---

It's wrong to steal rights from people who want to marry for love

But unborn children who want a chance at life?

Why should we give it to them?


I'll tell you why.


We were all given an the biggest opportunity

when our parents decided to keep us

We were given the right of life

But we can't give it to the "least" of us?


Allow the child to grow and learn

even if it isn't under your care.


Every life is precious.

Give them a chance to experience it.


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