Every Ending is A New Beginning

Life does this amazing thing that sometimes doesn’t seem so amazing at first

Sometimes a whirlwind of thunderstorms and tornados will breach through a town and leave behind a beautiful rainbow

Sometimes the Earth shakes and jolts to bring itself back together

Sometimes the stars fall from the sky, shooting across it, allowing us to wish upon it as it passes away

Sometimes the ocean waters rise up on the Earth, engulfing all the waste and washing it away

Sometimes Volcanoes erupt, letting all the bad things flow out so that the good can be all that’s left, leaving everything calm once again

Sometimes wars break out as people fight for their freedom in places where freedom was not thought to exist

Sometimes the hardest things happen to the strongest people to show them the strength they were unaware of

Sometimes the moon will not be in the sky, but the next morning the sun will still rise

Sometimes we lose friends in life so that we can have an open place for new ones

Sometimes death sweeps in its finger and takes those we love most to teach us appreciation and that time is of the essence

Sometimes when the dark is seeping its way into our hearts, we must realize that behind every sadness is a reason

Sometimes to see how amazing life is, you have to go through pain to appreciate the beauty growing in and around you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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