Every Day, Every Minute....

Every Day, Every Minute....

People get bullied

​Every day,



Most bullies don't stop to think,

"Are they really getting hurt by what I do?"

Some see no wrong in it. 

They don't understand

That they are effecting

People's lives.

Bullying has a large

Effect on those 

Who get


A lot 

Of pain is

Inflicted on the person

That is being bullied.

Whether it's from 

The person who's bullying them,

Or in some cases,


This is becoming a

Big issue.

Bigger than it should be. 

People are killing themselves

Because of it.


Our youth.

Dying because of bullying.

This needs to be ended.

The sooner the better.

We're running out of time.

There are millions of youth

Being effected by bullying in America alone.


Bullying needs to be stopped.

Those being bullied need to 

Be heard.

They need a voice.

This is what I would change.

This is what needs to be changed.

Why, you ask.

Well because

People get bullied

​Every day,






This poem is the result of seeing people getting bullied and being a victim of it myself. I've seen and heard about people who get bullied for just about anything (sexuality, weight, race, gender, height, etc.) It's devastating knowing that so many youth have had so much pain inflicted on them emotionally and physically and nobody speaks up about it. So I wrote this poem in hopes that people would read it and become aware of these situations and maybe even try to prevent or stop it.

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