Everlasting Hope


In spring, a tender breeze blows through green fields. 

Blessing new lives, a breeze removes your fear.

In summer, starlight from the dim and distant past twinkles in the dark sky.

Listening your voices, starlight stays with you at lonely night.

In fall, leaves turn red as if they felt the earth’s warmth.

Adding colors to the sites, red leaves show the proof of love on their body.

In winter, there is a seed of dandelion waiting for sun’s love under snows.

Storing power, a seed surly exists under your feet.


Hope comes around a country.

Hope remains in the dark.

Hope appears in your sites.

Hope lays under the ground.


When you find one piece of hope,

You can feel you are living in a circle of hope.


Hope brings another hope.

Hope comes after hope.

Hope will never be vanished.

Hope will never be gone.



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