As I drive to my grandma's house
By myself for the first time
I breathe in slowly as to not
Breathe too much car exhaust.

I sit at red lights and patiently wait
For the other vehicles to take their turn
As I listen to the Katy Perry song
That Siri has chosen for me.

My right foot shifts from gas to brake
And I try my best not to race
In front of the old lady that seems to be
Taking her sweet time.

She turns right onto the street
That I was hoping she wouldn't
Need to take. So I turn with her
And sigh to myself, asking God for patience.

But then I realize I've taken a wrong turn
And should have stayed on the other road.
I'm now driving through a big forest
That I've never seen ever before.

The lady's car gets slower yet
And I have no choice but to follow
As the pavement is too narrow
For me to turn around on.

We continue as I take in
Big green trees all around me.
They're tall and wide and encompassing
And they're stealing me away.

They're evergreens, I think.
Or ever-white; covered in snow,
As if it's new years in the fall.
This dazzling beauty I'd never know

Had that old lady never been.
That old lady who now is where?
As there are no pathways near
For her car to turn around in.


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