The Ever Clever Fox

The ever clever fox is so swift 

Little did she know, she has a gift 

With a flick of her tail 

She’ll never fail 

But the ever clever fox 

Is about to go through hail 


You see… 

The ever clever fox has a secret - 

So much so

When she found out she wept.


The ever clever fox would cry and cry 

Cry so much she’d wish she’d die

But she was a fox 

And foxes

Can lie 


So years went by 

And she’d lie and lie

Lie to herself - 

Lie to every guy- 

Then one day she decided to try 


So the ever clever fox opened an eye 

And a world so wonderful had been passing her by 


But now was not the time to leave her den.

Because the foxes mother thought she loved men. 

But if the fox wouldn’t leave then - 



When would she see this new place

When would she experience

Her newly acquired taste? 


So the fox decided to swallow her fear 

And told her sister to come very near 

And the ever clever fox took a step out 

And shared all the things she was really about 


And her sister did cry 

And so did the fox 

But it didn’t make her want to hide in a box 




The ever clever fox never felt so free 

Finally she knew, her solution wasn’t he

It was a she. 

So the fox took another step from what she thought fit 

And another and another 

till she found a kit 


And the kit she found was so kind 

She was perfect 

And she was fine 

But the vixen she found didn’t really last 

So the ever clever fox began to move fast 


She would run to the next and then to the next 

It was almost as if she had been hext.


Because - 

She was not an ever clever fox 

Because she was smart 


she was ever clever because she had a heart 


And not a heart that was full of love

But a heart that put all others above

So the ever clever fox was very confused 

To be honest, she wasn’t the slight amused 


Who the hell was she if she’s not ever clever? 

And why did she think she needed a mate forever? 


As for now the fox doesn’t know

Maybe the fox is her own foe 

If she keeps this up 

Will she have anywhere to go? 

Maybe she should stop and just lie low. 


Give it up and pretend.

Pretend none of it is real 

Pretend these things she doesn’t actually feel 

It wasn’t very clever to make this deal. 


But the fox has to remember.

Those old feelings - those weren’t her

If anything they were only a lure 

If she wants to be happy she must endure. 


Not only the misery and heartache 

But of the new fox the coming years will make.


Regardless of time she will be ever clever.

That is something 

No one can ever 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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