Ever Beautiful You

I will always believe in you though we’ve never shared a word

The years that pass with grains of sand only to be remembered.

In your tears I’ve understood every word no one else ever heard.

The little tragedies we’ve overcome until we feel we’re conquered.

Our lives exist in shallow breathing as memories come rushing back.

The sands reverse their falling grace and rise above the others.

Step into the void of reality so very cold and so black

To see we are not different but sisters and brothers.

Hold you within my heart until you’re cleansed of all these burdens

I will wish you well and hope to find a way to help you make it so.

Sometimes life gets the best of us and we feel so downtrodden

But though it hits us hard we must never let that hope go.

Those beautiful eyes ever reflecting the cosmos from on high

That smile reflecting all the beauty of the sun.

A heart with all the nurturing grace of rain from the sky

Forever after we are not separate but forever one.

I am you and you are me and forever this truth will always be.

I see you in the rain and as the birds go flying by

The trees that shed their leaves that go dancing to the Earth.

We know not of tomorrow but we have now to get us by

All things are possible through the beginning of our birth.


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